Bass Sanskriti has been making face-shattering, mouth-watering Reggae, Dub and Bass music parties in the tradition of Jamaican sound system culture since 2008.

Bass music saw sporadic setting the stage up for Jamaican influenced music in India when Dakta Dub returned to his hometown of Hyderabad and planted seeds for the future music & culture movement called the Hyderabad Underground Movement. Things went to the next level with the formation of ‘Dub’in & Step’in’, reviving roots, reggae, and Bass music. Introducing these genres to the public through a more underground party series as well as an international concept that incorporates global culture into a local context.

The roaring success of these events evolved into Bass Sanskriti, upping the ante with better Aesthetics, Art, and Programming.

Parallelly, a crowdfunded event presented true Jamaican style sound system culture to an audience outside the party scene, in a kid’s playground, aggregating children and adults from various socio-economic backgrounds. This event drew worldwide attention and brought together all of the giants of the Indian reggae scene at the time to support the cause.

Following this precedence, Daktadub decided to bring to Hyderabad its first sound system with its own unique concept: - Jamaican style sound system with an Indian-style adaptation.

Monkey sound system is custom hand-built by Mr. Taus as per the personal taste of Dakta Dub. Among all the speaker boxes, the sub-bass boxes tend to be the weapon of a sound system. The hog scoop is the weapon of choice for the monkey sound system.

We call the boxes "Balasub", dedicated to Dakta Dub for his long endeavour in making the sound system possible for Hyderabad and putting the city on a global sound system culture map.