Secunderabad dancing like Monkeys on Record Store Day

Secunderabad dancing like Monkeys on Record Store Day

Secunderabad, Apri 20thl 2024 - Kicking off our first indoor session, ‘DROP THE NEEDLE’ proved to be a testament to the city’s evolving music scene. From day one, finding a venue that can support our yellow sound machine has been one of our epic challenges. Give thanks to Heart Cup Coffee Kompally for letting us use their space for our sonic meditation. We will be back for more!



Originating in 2007 as a tribute to independent music, Record Store Day holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. The cool peeps at Get Salty brought this tradition to our city! Drop The Needle, an open record session, was a first of its kind in the twin city area where we celebrated music in its physical form. The table was open for anyone to come drop the needle on a record that they cherished. For collectors and newcomers, it was a golden opportunity to explore vinyl records, discover rare releases, and support indie creators. After a beautiful sundowner in the balcony, sharing music and making memories, we seamlessly transitioned into the showcase led by Monkey Sound System.

The Monkey Showcase, led by Bossman a.k.a Dakta Dub, got the energies soaring to a new high. The system put forth merciless grooves, with a mix of reggae, dub, dubstep, grime, rocksteady, and folk. Trying to put the Monkey Sound System experience into words is like trying to describe a symphony using a single note. Sound system culture is all about being aware and present, so every record got its moment to shine. Particularly the dub renditions, which stirred up bass lines that made it impossible to stop moving. In our sessions, the connection between the operators and the listeners is direct and close. Mastering a sound system session is no easy feat; it takes a full team to execute each song perfectly — with the selector, sound engineer, MC, and siren blowers working in tandem non-stop to deliver a fully rounded experience. This time, we saw fresh hands on the system, as new MCs and siren blowers added their unique flair.

With Monkey Sound System, we are bringing a conscious listening culture to Hyderabad such that we focus on the music, the message, and the dance — not the alcohol or the consumerist routines. It’s a stance that often encounters resistance in a profit-driven industry. Creating a safe space is our top priority, with music serving as a healing force. And we’re proud to say we’re able to do exactly what we envisioned. Our debut session in Kompally exceeded our expectations, with African sounds resonating throughout the people of Telangana.

Top tunes of the night:

- Bunny Wailer - Amagideon + Dub

- MariJah - Consciousness 

- Sukh Knight - Shutdown

- General Levy ft. Bass Sanskriti - Jah Jah Bless Hyderabad (Dubplate)

Peace, love, and unity!

Written by - Mannat Gupta



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