Bass Sanskriti presents Funk Assassin Monkey Sound System & MC KING JASSIM

The first edition of Bass Sanskriti kicked off with splendid performances by Monkey Radio India DJs, Visual Artists and MCs.

Being the first BASS/Reggae/Dubstep/Alternative party in the newly formed state of Telangana, BASS Sanskriti Edition #1 kicked off with Selektas’ Chakkra and Mr Nobody playing their signature sets for the first hour and a half. Following this, FUNK ASSASSIN took over with a heavy duty BASS set, paving way for Dakta Dub’s Reggae/Dancehall session, accompanied by King Jassim on the microphone.

Funk Assassin is Amul Lokanathan from Mumbai, launching his new alias with this party. Accompanying all of them on microphones was King Jassim, a reggae toaster/chanter based out of Bangalore. Succeeding Funk Assassin, Dakta Dub did a long stint as a reggae selector, giving some faithfully Jamaican flavor to the party. Beatboxer Irieboy made appearances throughout the party with his signature beats. Visual artists Eyespy and Shivacult exchanged the projectors every few hours and lightboy Abhishek operated his trusted lights and disco machinery.

The party ended at 2am with a fully tired fully excited audience.


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