Bass Sanskriti with Kaztet Dee Unnayanna Dakta Dub Psylenz Shivacult

BASS Sanskriti this month started off early in Heart cup cafe, Jubilee Hills.

Post sound and projector setup, Dj Psylenz started off first with some signature Psychedelic ambient tunes. His sets traversed Hip hop and music from the far west.
Dakta Dub took over to convert the Goa sunset vibe into a reggae party. Dancehall was his area of focus, leaving the audience with more reason to skank. Dakta Dubs vinyl set was followed by a Pass-the-mic session with MCs Kaztet Dee (Cambodia) Wisdom Eternal and Philosameer. Pulling the crowd over and interacting with them, the trio worked on their lyrics accompanied by Beat Boxer Irieboy on the Microphone.
Kaztet D played a DJ set, actively MCing on the microphone. Some of his tune selections included music from Cambodia and some from his own Band/Collective Wat a Gwaan
Kaztet D was followed by Unnayana with a set that could be best described as Afro Tech. Unnayana progressed through many sounds new to the crowd that kept the curiosity up. Nicely delayed patterns and tightly made Kick drums and Snares pounded across the venue until 12 when the volume had to go down.
“Visual journey progressed meanwhile from 90’s game software to cartoons and later, abstract imagery. A brief street view session introduced audience to far away places such a Irkutsk, Cordoba and the Bayon temple in Cambodia”  where MC Kaztet Dee currently resides.
Looking forward for the next Sanskriti..