Bass Sanskriti July Edition – Strictly Vinyls


Namaste _/\_

July edition was dedicated to Roots Reggae. Rudy Roots Selekta was the guest along side Dakta Dub on turn tables and King Jassim took the microphone duties. Eyespy handled both the projectors as Supraj could not make it this time. It was a Strictly Vinyl Session, the authentic warm sound of vinyl on turn table is a treat anytime.

Rudy started the dance in his unique style and made every one Skank. With long dreads on his head rolled up it was amazing to see rastaman spinning roots reggae on vinyls in Hyderabad in a uptown club. This is real Underground movement it seems.

Dakta Dub took it to more dubby side of roots reggae which is his signature sound as his name suggests. He is the main man behind Monkey Radio India & Bass Sanskriti who curates everything.


Underground musical vibes and theme of the party inspired the venue bartenders to dress up accordingly, Caribbean style. Rahul Mangal, Shabbir and Younus planned and succeeded to get the coconut guy inside the venue to make it freshly available for our audience.

Rudy was again on the decks to uplift the energy even more after 11 pm with skanky tunes of reggae. Our Indian Dread King Jassim was on the mic all through the nite burning incense sticks creating meditative vibes on the floor.

Got to see many new and young faces in the party. Most of them enjoyed tender coconut and coconut cocktails even the venue owner loved it.

Give Thanks & Blessings to each and every one…

See you at the next dance…