Bass Sanskriti Friendship Day Special – Nuplo, Reji

The third edition of BASS Sanskriti started off in a new Venue Marakesh which has a picturesque view of the Durgam Cheruvu lake amidst Deccan rock structures and thick Foliage.
The show started off with a collaboration between Dakta Dub on turntables and King Jassim on the microphone,
jamming to a dubby, strictly-vinyl set. Visual artist Shivacult accompanied this jam with covert, still-image visuals in the background.
The set was followed by Reji Ravindran from Mumbai who took the tempo up with breaks and cutting edge productions from
across the globe. His set contained fierce kicks and punchy basslines that were changing pace and vibe throughout.
Reji’s set ended with Raj Verma/’Irieboy’ performing a solo impromptu beat box session. Raj invited Reji for a collaboration
and the duo set off on a turntable-scratch beatbox session, much to the delight of the audience.
Nuphlo from leeds, the main act for the day, took center stage with his dark, drum and bass music. Visual artist Eyespy took over visuals and King Jassim was back on the microphone for an intense jam that was well received by the audience. Visual Artist Shivacult added in Carnatic vocals in between, syncing well with the content Nuphlo was performing.
The party ended at 12 due to an emergency with the late night permissions. The party had audience from places as far as Pondicherry and Mumbai. Hope to see you next time!

“Bass Sanskriti is a unique musical experience, where traditional dub vibes meet futuristic experimental vibes. A thoroughly enjoyable night for Djs and the Audience”